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Senate Bills Passed on January 20, 2010

The State Senate resumed session on Tuesday, January 20, and passed several bills as the winter floor period got underway. Bills passed and now pending action in the State Assembly included:

Senate Bill 43

This bill would require independent groups that produce issue ads within 60 days of an election to submit campaign finance registration and reporting.

Senate Bill 203

Medical malpractice liability would increase under this bill, which allows an adult child or the parent of an adult child to sue for the loss of society and companionship.

Senate Bill 274

Victims of domestic abuse could require that their landlords change or permit the tenant to change their locks if they provide the landlord with a qualifying court order that indicates that the tenant is a victim of domestic abuse.

Senate Bill 308

Employers would be required to permit volunteers serving as firefighters, EMTs, and first responders to be late or absent from work without pay if the lateness or absence is due to serving as a voluntary emergency worker prior to their shift beginning. This bill ensures that a volunteer emergency worker does not have to weigh whether to complete his/her assistance in an emergency or suffer adverse work consequences.

The Senate also confirmed nominees to serve on the Wisconsin Technical College System Board, Wisconsin Aerospace Authority, Credit Union Review Board, and other panels.