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Natural Resources Board Considers Longer Deer Season

The Natural Resources Board (NRB), which has the statutory authority to establish policy for the DNR, will be meeting today in Hayward. Among the items on the Board’s agenda is a study on alternatives to Earn-A-Buck regulations to control the state’s deer herd.

A study committee was appointed by the NRB to develop potential herd control regulations. The committee included representatives of hunters’ groups and other associations with an interest in deer herd population. One of the study committee’s recommendations is to extend the current nine day deer hunting season to sixteen days. This alternative to extend the hunting season was put forth to replace mandatory incentives to control deer population, such as Earn-A-Buck. Options under consideration for the longer deer season include one that would begin a week earlier than the current nine-day season and one that would begin on the traditional date and extend through the week after Thanksgiving.