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Legislation Seeks to Ban BPA in Kids' Products

Bisphenol-A, otherwise known as BPA, is a chemical compound used to harden plastics in things like water bottles and plastic cups. BPA leeches from plastics due to use and washing over time, and individuals absorb BPA as a result. Some scientists and BPA critics argue that BPA acts as a synthetic estrogen once in the human body, causing disruption in the endocrine system and creating a diverse range of health issues from diabetes to reproductive problems. Other scientists, including the federal Food and Drug Administration, do not believe that absorbed BPA causes health problems when absorbed in humans. Senate Bill 271 and Assembly Bill 405 seek to ban plastics containing BPA in baby bottles and children's spill-proof cups. Minnesota, Connecticut, and Canada have similar bans to what SB 271 / AB 405 propose. Both bills are currently in committee and Legislators have not yet voted on them.