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June 22, 2009


Governor Jim Doyle

State Capitol

115 East

Madison, WI  53702


Dear Governor Doyle;


We write to you today to respectfully request your leadership in preserving the decades-old income reciprocity agreement between Wisconsin and Minnesota.


The income reciprocity agreement between Wisconsin and Minnesota provides over 57,000 Wisconsin residents the ability to easily file their income tax returns in only one state. In past reciprocity disputes, our two states have been able to reach compromise understanding that a mutually beneficial agreement is best for the 79,000 individuals who work in one state but live in the other.


Just this year, we were pleased to see that you and Governor Pawlenty announced your intentions to work together as each state tackled challenging financial situations. It is our hope that your working relationship with Minnesota’s Governor will allow the two states to quickly rectify the reciprocity issue.


While we understand that both states are facing difficult times, we are confident that you will find a workable solution between Minnesota and Wisconsin for a program that is beneficial for the 57,000 Wisconsin constituents who rely on the agreement. 


Thank you for your time on this very important issue.






Kitty Rhoades                               Ann Hraychuck                           Sheila Harsdorf

State Representative                   State Representative                   State Senator

30th Assembly District              28th Assembly District              10th Senate District