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Health Care Cooperatives Gain National Attention

Discussions in the U.S. Congress on health care reform have recently turned to health care cooperatives as a component of pending legislation. U.S. Senators of both parties are considering the use of health care cooperatives in their deliberations on federal health care legislation.

Health care cooperatives are proving successful here in Wisconsin. I authored the state legislation passed in 2003 allowing this option to allow individuals, small businesses, self-employed, and local governments to join together to obtain health care coverage. A statewide cooperative for farmers and agri-business has proven to provide better coverage and lower premiums for its members. A cooperative for small businesses in the Green Bay area has also seen results in delivering health care to its members. In our area, Cooperative Health Choices of Western Wisconsin is planning on providing health coverage beginning this fall. For more information on CHC, contact William Rubin at the St. Croix EDC at 715-381-4383.