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January 21, 2010


Harsdorf Urges Stronger Focus on Jobs Creation Agenda


(State Capitol, Madison) . . . The Wisconsin State Senate passed legislation, on a 32-1 vote, which includes job creation incentives such as a postsecondary education tax credit for businesses and higher annual limits on angel investment tax credits.  State Senator Sheila Harsdorf, who supported this Democratic initiative labeled C.O.R.E, said there is much more work to be done. 


“The bill passed today is a baby-step in the right direction,” said Harsdorf.  “Unfortunately, it comes long after a budget bill was passed that targeted businesses with hundreds-of-millions of dollars in new taxes and new laws that increase costs for small businesses.” 


Harsdorf highlighted how Western Wisconsin is especially sensitive to tax policies given its proximity to the Twin Cities.


“Given our close proximity to the Twin Cities, we have seen how state taxes and policies can result in businesses moving from one state to the other,” said Harsdorf.  “State policies should help spur private sector job creation that is sustainable; not hinder it.  Wisconsin has a wealth of resources, a skilled workforce, and great educational opportunities for training and retraining workers.  But these assets must be coupled with an environment that does not target businesses with burdensome regulations, higher costs, and more taxes as we have seen Democrats push all session long.”


Legislative Republicans held a series of statewide roundtables attended by over 160 job providers in the spring of 2009, including one that Harsdorf hosted in Eau Claire.  A “Wisconsin Jobs Now Agenda” was developed that proposed alternatives such as lowering taxes, reducing red tape, encouraging collaboration between education and business, and reforming health insurance to target cost.  The full report and action items can be found on Harsdorf’s website, .


“The Legislature must focus on creating a favorable environment for job creation and stop going after businesses with more taxes and more regulations,” said Harsdorf.  “I believe the Wisconsin Jobs Now Agenda lays out what actions should be taken to put jobs first, and it is my hope that Democratic leaders will change direction and build upon the legislation that passed the State Senate today.”