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June 3, 2009

Harsdorf: Jobs Now Task Force Report Offers Direction


(State Capitol, Madison).  State Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R €“ River Falls) joined a number of her Republican legislative colleagues in announcing the Wisconsin Jobs Now Task Force Report, a series of legislative recommendations aimed at improving Wisconsin’s job climate.  The report is based off the work of regional roundtable discussions, wherein business and community leaders provided their input to state lawmakers in regards to maintaining and growing jobs in Wisconsin.


“Hundreds of business and community leaders turned out to analyze, critique, and propose initiatives affecting job growth in Wisconsin,” said Harsdorf.  “I welcomed the opportunity to help host the regional roundtable in Eau Claire, where over 50 business leaders from northwest Wisconsin joined in the discussion.”


The report is critical of recently enacted measures that target job providers with new taxes, new costs, and new regulations that tighten credit markets.   It focuses on alternatives such as lowering taxes, reducing red tape, encouraging collaboration between education and business, and reforming health insurance.  The complete report can be found online at Harsdorf’s website,


“Unfortunately, the measures moved hastily forward by the Democratic-controlled state legislature have increased costs to job providers and expose them to escalating insurance and legal costs,” said Harsdorf.  “The ultimate cost will be the loss of family-supporting jobs in Wisconsin.  This is the wrong prescription for our ailing economy.”


Harsdorf hoped that legislative leadership would begin by removing policy items in the budget that, as identified, would adversely impact job providers.


“The report, while critical of the recent approach of higher taxes and more government mandates, also offers new recommendations that would aid us in job creation,” said Harsdorf.  “As families face economic hardships, they need a legislature that is focused on maintaining and growing jobs in Wisconsin.  The report released today outlines a new approach with the right priorities.”