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March 6, 2009

Harsdorf: Job Creation Should Be Job One


State Capitol, Madison...State Senator Sheila Harsdorf applauded the creation of a Wisconsin Jobs NOW! Task Force and offered initiatives aimed to spur job retention and growth in Wisconsin.

Harsdorf also presented her own initiatives to make job creation a top agenda item:

Establish an “Export Czar” in the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.  The Governor has been a leader in pushing to create new markets for agriculture and manufacturing.  A dedicated position to focus on Wisconsin exports can do even more to identify and develop overseas markets.

Reduce Business Tax Rates.  Global and interstate competition is causing Wisconsin to hemorrhage jobs.  The United States has some of the highest business tax rates in the world.  Wisconsin must be seen as open for business and job growth.

Incentivize reinvestments of capital gains.  Instead of limiting investments, we need to encourage reinvestments of profits in Wisconsin’s job market.

Modify moratorium on nuclear powerWisconsin’s ban on nuclear power is outdated and limits access to sustainable energy sources, critical to infrastructure and economic development.

Strike a permanent end to the “Death Tax.”  Ensure small business viability from generation to generation.

Invest in transportation infrastructure.  Use of federal stimulus dollars on highway projects and maintenance can create immediate jobs without creating ongoing obligations to state taxpayers.

“While Democrats control both the State Senate and the State Assembly and have the votes to pass whatever they choose, it is my hope that they will avoid partisanship and work together to address these challenging economic times that are affecting every individual and family in our state,” said Harsdorf.  “The stakes are simply too high for failure.”