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December 7, 2009


Governor Signs Bill to Protect Groundwater


(State Capitol, Madison) . . . Governor Jim Doyle signed legislation that prohibits the disposal of oil filters and absorbents into landfills.  The Governor was joined by lead Senate author Sheila Harsdorf along with representatives with Woodville-based CRI Recycling, Brian King and Joe Mattson.


“Protecting our groundwater from oil seeping in from landfills is good for the environment and good for Wisconsin families and businesses,” said Harsdorf, who has worked on the legislation for years.


A study commissioned by the state legislature found that less than 20% of oil filters were being properly disposed, leaving as much as 900,000 gallons of waste oil in landfills.  Likewise, another 53,000,000 pounds of oil absorbents were making their way into landfills.


“While we long ago banned oil from landfills, the amount of oil from filters and absorbents still entering our landfills and penetrating into our groundwater is alarming,” said Harsdorf.  “With today’s technology, we can avoid more costly clean-ups in the future.”


The Woodville-based CRI Recycling is one such processing industry that can efficiently and effectively take oil filters and absorbents and recycle the product. 


Harsdorf joined with State Representative Mary Hubler (D-Rice Lake) to move the bill through the Legislature.