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Governor Doyle Signs Electric Bicycle Bill

Governor Doyle signed legislation this week that will enable the use of low-speed electric bicycles in Wisconsin. I authored this legislation, Senate Bill 137 (SB 137), which brings Wisconsin statutes into line with federal law relating to low-speed electric bicycles. SB 137 allows for the use of these emissions-free vehicles by licensed Wisconsin drivers. This legislation received broad, bi-partisan support in the State Legislature.

The advantages of enabling the use of environmentally-friendly transportation through low-speed electric bicycles were recently highlighted in a USA Today article. For consumers, low-speed electric bicycles offer an affordable option for local transportation, particularly given high gas prices. These vehicles also provide environmental benefits by reducing the use of cars for short trips and traffic congestion through the use of rechargeable battery-operated motors. Additionally, since these vehicles can operate on human power as well as the electric motor, they provide a valuable option for seniors and others that would like to get more exercise, but are unable to pedal up hills or steep inclines.