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Extending Veto Limits to Counties

The State Senate will vote on Senate Joint Resolution 11 (SJR 11) tomorrow. SJR 11 is a constitutional amendment that imposes the same restrictions relating to veto authority on county executives as are currently in place for Wisconsin governors. I support this reform and am a co-sponsor of SJR 11.

I have long supported measures to end abuses by partial vetoes by governors. I supported banning the 34Vanna White Veto,34 a constitutional amendment that prohibited governors from creating new words by vetoing individual letters. In 2005, I lead the effort to put an end to the 34Frankenstein Veto34 that would prohibit governors from combining words from more than one sentence to create new sentences.

SJR 11 would place these same restrictions on county executives. Currently, county executives have the authority to veto resolutions or ordinances in whole or in part.

Constitutional amendments such as SJR 11 must be passed twice by the State Legislature in consecutive legislative sessions, followed by approval by the electorate in a statewide referendum.