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Elk Herd Has Successful Calving Season

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently estimated that the state’s elk heard produced 38 calves this year. With losses from the winter and new calves born this year, the DNR currently estimates an elk herd population of 164. The DNR notes that spring weather significantly affects the success of the calving season. This year’s early spring allowed for an earlier “green-up” by way of faster melting snow and growth of new plants. The DNR’s research suggests that the timing of the “green-up” in spring is essential for the health of the elk cow and calf during the final trimester of development. Elk are native to 50 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, but over-hunting and loss of habitat eliminated the state’s population by 1886. The State reintroduced 25 elk in 1995, and the current herd is a result of that reintroduction. More information about the state’s elk herd is available at the link above.