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DNA Saves Introduced

Legislation that I have authored with Rep. Ann Hraychuck calling for the collection of DNA samples from individuals arrested on felony charges has been introduced in the State Senate as Senate Bill 336. The introduction of this proposal was announced at a press conference on Monday at the State Capitol. Senate Bill 336 seeks to streamline the collection of DNA samples from criminals and to provide additional tools to law enforcement in removing dangerous criminals from the streets.

Jayann Sepich, the leading advocate for the national effort to enact such proposals in every state, spoke at the press conference to discuss Senate Bill 336 and the successes other states have found in enacting similar laws. Jayann is the mother of Katie Sepich, who was brutally murdered by an offender who was ultimately convicted through the use of DNA evidence.

Also in attendance at the press conference to support Senate Bill 336 were Jean and Kevin Zimmerman, parents of UW-Madison student Brittany who was murdered in 2008, and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.