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October 12, 2009


Bi-Partisan, Bi-State Legislators Push to Save Income Tax Reciprocity


(Woodbury City Hall, Woodbury, MN) . . . Minnesota and Wisconsin lawmakers from both parties met together in Woodbury to develop a strategy to urge both Governors back to the negotiating table in an effort to reinstate income tax reciprocity.  In September, Minnesota notified Wisconsin of their intent on withdrawing from the long-standing agreement effective January 1 of 2010.  The meeting was coordinated by Wisconsin State Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R €“ River Falls) and Minnesota State Senator Kathy Saltzman (D €“ Woodbury).


“The Governors from both states should get back to the table to hammer out a deal that works for citizens of both states,” said State Senator Sheila Harsdorf.  “It is time to move beyond lip service about cooperation and work to get a deal that benefits the tens-of-thousands of border crossers each year.”


Ten regional lawmakers attended the meeting, as well as numerous representatives from state agencies in both states.  The two-hour meeting discussed the details of the prior agreement and the implications of ending income tax reciprocity.  The meeting concluded with lawmakers agreeing to send a joint letter urging the Governors to negotiate a new deal.


“We have a long tradition of working with Minnesota to provide services that benefit both our state’s citizens,” said Harsdorf.  “Our meeting here today should serve as a clear message to both Governors that the tax reciprocity agreement is important to the people we represent, and we want them to work together in order to maintain it.”