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Assembly Committee Passes Campaign Finance Reform Measure

Yesterday, the Assembly Committee on Elections and Campaign Reform voted to impose reporting requirements on all political ads, as are currently required of candidates. I have supported making the funding sources for all political ads accessible to Wisconsin citizens so that voters can make informed decisions. Shadowy special interest groups should not be exempt from being accountable for the influence they exert in our political process. Last campaign cycle, we had groups like “Building a Stronger Wisconsin” purchase huge amounts of air time to launch negative attacks, yet they did not have to report funding sources as required of candidates and other political action committees.

We see the influence of special interests in the current budget bill. One provision I am fighting is the provision that would restrict building options for a new Stillwater Bridge. It is clear powerful Madison special interests are playing a role in this issue, using the budget bill as a vehicle to enact non-fiscal policy changes. Transparency in campaigns and government can be an effective tool to giving “the people” more power.