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Wisconsin Leading the Nation in Job Creation

Wisconsin received good news this past week with the announcement by the Department of Workforce Development that 12,900 new private sector jobs were created last month in our state, the largest single-month job creation figure since September 2003.  The national job creation report showed that 18,000 jobs were created nationwide, meaning that half the new jobs that were created in the United States in June were created here in Wisconsin.

Since January, 39,300 jobs have been created in Wisconsin.  This session, the State Legislature pursued an aggressive job creation agenda to put people back to work and enacted reforms to restore Wisconsin’s fiscal health.  The reforms are working, as evidenced by the new job being created.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate of 7.6% is also below the national rate of 9.2% and, when compared to the national average of job growth in nonfarm, private sector and manufacturing, our state’s growth has been almost twice that of the national rate in each category.

In these challenging times, economic recovery must be our number one priority.  Due in part to the reforms and legislation we passed earlier this year, Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.  The choices weren’t easy, but the benefits are already being seen.  Wisconsin is leading the nation to recovery.

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