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Wisconsin’s Pro-Jobs Agenda Boosts Business Rankings

In the five short months since this legislative session began, Wisconsin has already started to benefit from the special session bills aimed at improving our state’s business climate and spurring job creation.  Chief Executive Magazine just came out with their 2011 rankings for the “Best and Worst States for Business”.  Wisconsin posted the biggest gain out of all the states, rising 17 spots to rank 24th overall after ranking 41st in 2010. 

These rankings consider several factors on how states foster a business-friendly environment including taxation and regulation, as well as what states are doing to attract and retain companies.  I firmly believe that the pro-jobs legislation passed in the first months of this session combined with our efforts to get the state’s fiscal house in order, directly contributed to Wisconsin’s rise from the bottom.  These policies will continue to help spur our economic recovery while providing new job opportunities for our citizens. 

In contrast, Illinois’ ranking has plummeted since 2006 when they were 8th in the country.  Now they are 48th, a direct consequence of their continued spending, borrowing, and taxing. 

This contrast helps to reinforce the bold job creation agenda that began this session and one we need to continue to build on in order to put our citizens back to work and speed up Wisconsin’s economic recovery.

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