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Watch Out for Red Flags When Purchasing Football Tickets
As football fans are buying, selling and showing off their postseason football tickets there are some important tips to remember:
  Avoid fraud by purchasing tickets through the NFL-sanctioned ticket    exchange or a third-party exchange that will guarantee the validity of tickets.
•  If you post a picture of your ticket on a social networking site make sure you blur out the barcode on the ticket to avoid a scammer stealing the information to create a fake ticket.
  Avoid buying tickets from anyone on the street or near the venue.  They are more likely to be stolen or counterfeit tickets.
  As potential protection in case the tickets you purchased do not arrive, it is best to use a credit card when buying your tickets.  However, make sure the seller is legitimate before providing your credit card information.
If you believe you have been involved in a scam please contact the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection at 800-422-7128 to file a consumer complaint, send an email to:, or visit: