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Upcoming License Plate Reissuance Information
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) will be reissuing certain license plates beginning with October 2013 renewals.  Notices for these plate renewals were mailed during the last week of August and will continue until all renewals are complete.
Both the sesquicentennial and red letter series of plates are being replaced because they are beyond their projected life cycles.  As these plates age, their reflectivity decreases and the red lettering fades, making the plates less visible to other motorists and difficult for law enforcement to read.  If you currently have plates that are scheduled for reissuance, you will receive a renewal letter explaining the reissuance process.
For renewals done by mail or internet, you will be mailed a certificate of registration, but instead of an expiration sticker, there will be an informational insert explaining that your license plates were reissued and will be arriving via United States Postal Service.  License plates will be mailed separately and will include the necessary sticker kit along with an additional informational insert explaining why you have received new plates.
For renewals done by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) third party agents, you will receive a sticker and certificate of registration from the agent as normal.  You will receive the new license plates along with the necessary sticker kit in the mail in 7-10 days. Additionally, an informational brochure will be provided to the agents to assist in answering questions regarding reissuance.
Both plate types will be replaced with a standard, black-letter auto plate of the current design.  Please visit for more renewal information, DMV service center hours, and more.