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Tips for Saving Energy This Winter
The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the average family spends over $1,900 a year on electricity and other utilities and some of this can be saved by being mindful of the following energy saving tips for the cold winter months: 
·         Use Christmas decorations with LED lights.  Christmas decorations with LED lights use 90% less energy than standard Christmas lights.
·         Turn your thermostat down to account for times when no one is home or you are sleeping.
·         During the day, open curtains on any windows facing south to allow sunlight to naturally heat the room.  At night, close curtains to help reduce drafts or the chill from cold windows.
·         Seal any air leaks around windows, doors, plumbing, cupboards, closets, or chimneys.
·         Change the filter in your furnace once a month.
·         For additional tips on saving energy this winter, please click here.
Additionally, Focus on Energy programs help Wisconsin residents and businesses lower their energy consumption by making homes and businesses more energy efficient.  Since 2001, Focus on Energy has helped Wisconsin residents and businesses achieve over $730 million in energy savings.  To learn more about available Focus on Energy residential and business programs, please visit the Focus on Energy website