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This Week’s Legislative Action on Harsdorf Bills
There was much action in Madison this week on a variety of issues.  Below are a number of bills introduced by Senator Harsdorf that received public hearings this week. 
Addressing the Skills Gap – Two bills that are part of the fall legislative agenda to improve job training and workforce development—Senate Bill 335/Assembly Bill 403 and Senate Bill 336/Assembly Bill 402—received public hearings this week.  SB 335 seeks to create an apprenticeship certificate award for those that complete an apprenticeship program, providing 25% reimbursement of tuition and fees, up to maximum of $1,000.  SB 336 would provide additional funding for the Youth Apprenticeship program that encourages schools to partner with local businesses to match students with employers to provide on-the-job training and technical college-level instruction.
Honor and Remember Flag – Senate Joint Resolution 45/Assembly Joint Resolution 45 would designate the Honor and Remember Flag as Wisconsin’s emblem of service and sacrifice by those in the United States Armed forces who have given their lives in the line of duty.  This resolution was introduced at the request of a number of parents of fallen soldiers in Harsdorf’s district.  AJR 45 received a public hearing before the Assembly Committee on Veterans this week.   
Keeping Synthetic Drugs Off Our Streets – Senate Bill 325/Assembly Bill 406 closes loopholes in our state’s ban on synthetic drugs to keep these dangerous substances out of the hands of our kids and helps district attorneys prosecute offenders.  This week, public hearings were held on this legislation in both the State Assembly and State Senate.