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Supporting Crex Meadows Wildlife Area

Crex Meadows Wildlife Area is a beautiful and unique natural area that attracts area residents as well as visitors from across the country and around the world. Known for its bird watching, it’s estimated that more than a 100,000 people visit Crex every year.

Crex Meadows is generously supported by a 700 member strong organization known as the Friends of Crex. Friends of Crex were instrumental in building a visitors' center and have been staffing the center with a part-time natural resources educator who is on hand to provide insight and information to the thousands of visitors. In order to address a high turnover of individuals they have had in this position and create more stability, the Friends of Crex are interested in funding a full-time position.

I am pleased that the Joint Committee on Finance approved a motion that I brought forward at the request of the Friends of Crex that will enable them to fund a full-time position.

This provision will be part of the two year budget bill which the Joint Finance Committee is expected to complete their work on by the end of May. The budget bill will then be acted on by both the State Assembly and State Senate before heading to the Governor for final approval.