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State Legislature Moving Jobs Bills Forward
Even as the “Back to Work Wisconsin” Special Session was recently being called by the Governor, legislators were already focused on job creation bills.  Legislative committees have already held pubic hearings to discuss, debate, and approve a number of the Special Session jobs bills. 
This week saw further action on several Special Session jobs bills as they were passed through the Joint Committee on Finance. As a member of the Finance Committee I am encouraged that the following bills passed with strong bipartisan support:
-Senate Bill 40 (SB 40) seeks to provide additional support for advanced manufacturing skills training.  This program allows for collaboration between employers and technical colleges to improve workers’ manufacturing skills.  Access to skilled workers is one of the top concerns of manufacturers as they seek to fill positions.  This training partnership between businesses and technical colleges provides valuable employee training and ensures that workers are prepared with the skills to work with the latest technology. 
-Senate Bill 203 and Assembly Bill 277 (SB 203 and AB 277) propose adopting federal tax law in relation to the tax treatment of health insurance payments by an employer for an employee’s adult child.  Under state law, an employee is required to pay individual income tax on the value of health insurance provided by their employer for an adult child that is not a dependent.  This individual income tax exclusion would apply beginning with the 2011 tax year.
-Senate Bill 5 and Assembly Bill 1 (SB 5 and AB 1) seek to increase the amount of the jobs tax credit that can be provided to job creators in a given year.  The jobs tax credit encourages job growth and retention by providing a tax credit to job creators based upon the wages paid to an employee.   
These bills are just a few of the proposals that will be considered during the Special Session on jobs.  In advance of the Legislature’s floor sessions in the coming weeks, committees in both houses of the Legislature are moving forward Special Session bills on encouraging investment in Wisconsin businesses, expanding skills training for workers, and improving transportation policies that address the delivery of goods and services. The fall special session will consider numerous bipartisan bills that focus on improving Wisconsin’s economy and growing jobs. 
More information is available on the State Legislature’s website on committee meeting schedules and the bills being considered.  You can access this information by visiting and clicking on the "Track Legislation" link on the left side of the page.
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