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Public Hearing Held on Nurse Aid Training Bill
Currently, federal law requires CNAs receive a minimum of 75 hours of training, but individual states are allowed to require additional training hours.  Wisconsin requires 120 hours of training, while Minnesota, Michigan, and Iowa use the federal standard of 75 hours.  Currently, a CNA who received training in a state with lower requirements than Wisconsin has to start from the beginning and complete a training program in Wisconsin for the full 120 hours to become licensed.
Senator Harsdorf has introduced Senate Bill 212 (SB 212) to help address this regulatory barrier for CNAs that received training outside of Wisconsin to obtain their license without having to redo all of their training.  SB 212 would allow individuals who have completed CNA training in another state to combine that training with instructional programs approved by the Department of Health Services (DHS) in order to make up the difference in training hours required in Wisconsin.
Both nursing homes and home care agencies rely heavily on the important services and care that CNAs provide.  SB 212 would increase access to the nurse aide profession and meet a need in a high-demand field by providing an opportunity for CNAs relocating to Wisconsin or those living in border communities to make up the difference in training hours required.
SB 212 received a public hearing last week in the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services.  It is anticipated that SB 212 will be voted out of committee soon, at which point it can be scheduled to come before the full State Senate for consideration.  Please click here to view a copy of SB 212.