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Public Hearing Held on ATV and UTV Update Bill
Currently, state law defines all-terrain and utility terrain vehicles (ATVs and UTVs) using a number of requirements relating to weight, height, and equipment.  However, due to technological advances and innovations, state laws have not kept up with changes in the design of ATVs and UTVs.  An example of this is the requirement that ATVs and UTVs operate on low-pressure tires, while manufacturers have designed a new type of airless tire for use on these vehicles that does not satisfy this definition.  These new tires offer riders the benefits of enhanced durability, and because they are airless they cannot go flat and do not need to be aired-up. 
Senator Harsdorf and Representative Erik Severson have introduced legislation to update the statutory definitions of ATVs and UTVs, allowing manufacturers to respond to consumer and market demands for innovative products.  The companion bills, Senate Bill 310 (SB 310) and Assembly Bill 381 (AB 381), make other minor updates to the definitions of ATVs and UTVs and was drafted in collaboration with recreational vehicle stakeholders, including Polaris Industries, Wisconsin ATV Association, Department of Natural Resources, and trail managers.  Both bills have received a public hearing in their respective committees.  Please click here to view a copy of SB 310.