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Pier protection and wolf hunting legislation approved
In legislative action this week, the State Senate approved bills on bipartisan votes providing greater certainty for pier owners and authorizing a wolf hunting season in Wisconsin.
Senate Bill 326, which makes changes to a number of DNR regulatory processes, was passed on a 20-13 vote. One of the changes included in this legislation was to allow the grandfathering of existing piers that meet certain requirements and does not interfere with the rights of other riparian property owners. SB 326 also allows for the repair and maintenance of boathouses.
Given the growth of the wolf population, the U.S. Department of Interior recently removed gray wolves in Wisconsin and other neighboring states from the Endangered Species List. This action allows the states to now manage their wolf populations. Senate Bill 411 would allow the DNR to establish a wolf hunting season and was approved on a 24-9 vote.
Both of these bills have now been referred to the State Assembly for consideration.