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Operation Safe Driver program aims to avoid large-truck accidents
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation announced that Wisconsin will participate in Operation Safe Driver the week of October 16th trough the 22nd.  Operation Safe Driver is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.  The mission of this program is to improve commercial motorist behavior and all other motorists’ habits and decision-making through increased traffic enforcement and education.
During this week, Wisconsin State Patrol inspectors and law enforcement officers will be tougher on commercial motorists found speeding, following too close, not obeying traffic signals and driving under the influence.  Commercial motor vehicle operators will also be checked for compliance with licensing regulations and requirements. This is Wisconsin’s tenth year participating in this program.  In 2010 the state saw a 36 percent reduction in large truck crashes when compared to 2000, and during that time large-truck crash fatalities fell 50 percent.  If you would like more information on this program, please contact State Patrol Lieutenant Patricia Hansen at 608-266-0094.