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Olson’s Woodville Meats Receives International Honors
Congratulations to Olson’s Woodville Meats of Woodville who was honored this week through the approval of a Joint Resolution by the State Senate acknowledging the accomplishments they achieved at this year’s 2013 IFFA International Quality Meat Competition.  The company was awarded nine gold medals, three silver medals, and the prestigious Ehrenpokal Trophy for their custom meat products.  They were recognized for their dried beef, beef jerky, bison summer sausage, and bockwurst among many other types of meats.  Olson’s Woodville Meats was the only United States company to win at the international competition.
The IFFA is the leading international meat trade fair held once every three years in Frankfurt, Germany.  The six-day competition represents 19 different countries featuring 1,700 products from over 200 butcher shops.
Olson’s Woodville Meats was founded in 1962 by Roger Olson, and has remained with his family for over 50 years.  Kevin and Cory Olson, grandsons of Roger Olson, now run the family business as third generation butchers.
Following approval by the State Senate this week, the Resolution is now pending in the State Assembly.  A link to the resolution can be found at