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Numbers in the Budget

The budget that was signed into law last month consists of reforms and measures that finally put Wisconsin State Government back in line with what the taxpayers of the state can afford.  Citizens were hit hard by the recent economic downfall and were hit even harder when the last administration voted to raise their taxes by more than $2 billion to fund their skyrocketing spending.

This budget is in line with what the new State Legislature promised: limiting government spending, paying off our bills and putting the taxpayers of our state first by not raising taxes.  The numbers in this budget take Wisconsin out of the red and leave the state with a surplus for the first time in more than a decade.  Here is a look at the numbers in Wisconsin’s budget:

  • Eliminates the $3.6 billion deficit
  • Reduces taxes overall by $24 million dollars
  • Provides an estimated $300 million surplus
  • Reverses 14 years of deficit spending
  • Eliminates 1,000 open vacancies in state government
  • Enacts and uses reforms to help aid in job growth, evidenced by the 26,400 jobs that have been created since January
  • Freezes property tax increases, saving the average homeowner as much as $736 over the next two years

This budget restores fiscal sanity to our state and allows us to grow jobs and be in a better position to adequately fund valuable programs and services.  Please stay in touch by email, phone or my website