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New Year, Renewed Focus on Jobs

The new year brought big change to Madison.  Last week, Governor Scott Walker was inaugurated as Wisconsin's 45th Governor.  Ninety-nine State Representatives and seventeen State Senators took the oath of office; thirty-three members will be serving in the legislature for the first time. 


Given the current state of the economy, Governor Walker has chosen to pursue a bold job creation agenda in an effort to put people back to work.  In these challenging times, our economic recovery must be our number one priority.   Living across the river from Minnesota, we often see how government policies can draw job creators to a state or force them to take their business elsewhere.  Governor Walker has called a special legislative session to work on encouraging job growth here in Wisconsin.  The Governor has introduced a series of proposals aimed at creating a business-friendly climate, providing incentives for job creators, and breaking down the barriers that obstruct job creation.


An important step in working towards economic recovery will be creating a responsible state budget.  Last year’s budget, which I voted against, increased government spending by $3.6 billion.  To pay for that spending, the people of Wisconsin were hit with over $5 billion in new taxes and fees.  Creating our state’s next budget will require us to make challenging decisions, but it is an important opportunity to put government spending in line with what taxpayers can afford, while preserving basic services for Wisconsin citizens. 


You can be sure that I will remain focused on working towards creating jobs for the people of our state and ensuring that Wisconsin is open for business.  Please stay in touch this year by calling my office at 1-800-862-1092 or sending me an e-mail to  Also, please visit for details on the proposals I will be considering during Governor Walker’s special session on job creation.