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New Agreement Authorizes Meat Shipments Across State Lines
Meat processors are now allowed to ship across state lines under a new agreement between the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protections (DATCP) Division of Food Safety and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Wisconsin is one of three states in the nation to sign an agreement under the USDA Cooperative Interstate Shipment Program.
Under the agreement, DATCP’s Division of Food and Safety will inspect meat products at participating meat processors using the same oversight and sampling programs used under the federal inspection program.  While Wisconsin’s meat inspection program, established in 1968, has equaled or exceeded the standards of the federal program for the past 44 years, meat processors were required to obtain USDA approval prior to shipping their products across state lines.  This new option will eliminate regulatory barriers to sales in other states for Wisconsin meat processors, particularly those located along or near our state’s borders.
State-inspected establishments wishing to apply for entry into the new program should contact Mr. Arthur Ness, DATCP Bureau of Meat Safety and Inspection, at (608) 224-4715 to begin the process.  For more information about interstate shipment of meat products, visit