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Legislature Acts During Jobs Special Session
Legislators recently concluded the fall legislative session after taking action on a number of jobs bills that were part of the “Back to Work Wisconsin” special session.  These bills are a continuation of the State Legislature’s work since the beginning of the year to encourage economic growth in the state. 
“Jobs and the economy are our top priority and will continue to take precedence as the legislative session continues,” said Harsdorf.  “The bills we recently passed build on the initiatives we enacted earlier this year and will help to foster a friendlier business environment in Wisconsin."
Legislative action earlier this year on jobs and the economy has already been positively acknowledged by job creators.  Following the “Open for Business” special session that the Governor called in January, Wisconsin’s business climate ranking jumped 17 points, from 41st to 24th, according to one business publication.  This was the greatest one-year increase for any state in the magazine’s history.
The jobs bills that have been approved by the State Legislature seek to improve the regulatory process, create a more skilled workforce, and encourage investment in Wisconsin.  Several of the bills also address transportation concerns that will be beneficial for the transporting of goods in Wisconsin.
“We are committed to continuing our work on creating incentives and an environment that encourages job growth,” said Harsdorf.  “Our ongoing focus is on putting people back to work and improving our state’s economy.”
Citizen input is a critical part of the legislative process.  Continued input from citizens is encouraged as the Legislature continues work on advancing additional jobs bills and developing new pro-growth proposals.