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Joint Committee on Finance - Budget Action – April 17

The Joint Committee on Finance continued its work on the budget bill on April 17th.  The Wisconsin Technical College System, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Department of Health Services were among the state agencies taken up by the Committee.  

The highlight of the Committee’s executive session was providing funding for veterans services at our state’s technical colleges.  As we continue to work with our veterans to provide educational and workforce opportunities following their service to our country, campuses have found that support services tailored to the needs of veterans are effective in helping transition into postsecondary education.  The Committee’s action set aside $1 million to develop and expand these services for our deserving veterans.
In other action on Friday, the Committee voted to continue the implementation of performance based funding for technical colleges, which is scheduled to increase to 30% for the 2016-17 year and thereafter.  Performance based funding takes into account the outcomes of each technical college and incentivizes those that are using effective techniques in education and workforce training.  The Committee also increased fraud prevention efforts and investigation activities into the abuse of public assistance programs.
The next Committee executive session will be held on Wednesday, April 22nd.