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Ice Safety Tips
Winter is upon us and that means ice fishing season in Wisconsin is in full swing.  An estimated 590,700 Wisconsinites will take to the frozen water this winter as the number of ice fishers has steadily climbed over the last decade.  If you are venturing out onto the ice to fish, cross-country ski, or ride a snowmobile or ATV, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a few safety tips before you head out.
It is important to note that the DNR does not monitor local ice conditions or the thickness of the ice.  The DNR states that there is no such thing as 100 percent safe ice and many factors contribute to the strength of ice such as temperature, age, appearance, thickness, and the type of body of water.  The department suggests traveling in groups, dressing warmly in layers, and avoiding inlets and outlets that may have a current that can thin the ice.  The DNR also provides tips should you fall through the ice and instructions for making an ice claw to assist in getting out of the icy waters.  For a complete list of safety tips, click here or visit the DNR website at