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Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day!
The Fourth of July is upon us and from cookouts to parades to fireworks.  Americans across the country will be celebrating Independence Day.  Independence Day is a day to remember our founding fathers’ fight for freedom and the beginning of this great nation.  If you plan on lighting fireworks, please use caution and practice safety.  Keep in mind if children are near.  The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection provides the following safety tips while enjoying your celebrations.
  • Read and follow warnings and instructions on fireworks
  • Always have a responsible adult supervise children’s fireworks activities
  • Be sure people are out of range before lighting fireworks and do not point them at another person
  • Make sure to light fireworks on a flat surface free from flammable materials away from the house with a bucket of water handy in case of fire
We wish you a very happy and safe Independence Day!