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Harsdorf Votes to Advance Bill Aimed at Scams
As a member of the Senate Committee on Energy, Consumer Protection, and Government Reform, Senator Harsdorf voted last week to advance a bill seeking to address scams currently being operated in Wisconsin.  These scams involve solicitors mailing documents to Wisconsin homeowners requesting exorbitant fees in exchange for a copy of the deed to their home, which is typically available from the resident’s local register of deeds for a nominal fee.
While it is legal for business enterprises to sell copies of public records, these particular solicitations are troubling because they are frequently formatted to appear as if they are being sent by an official government entity and also appear to impose a deadline for payment. 
Harsdorf co-sponsored this bipartisan legislation to require solicitors to include a disclaimer explaining that the document was not from a government entity and to restrict how much solicitors could charge.  Click on the link below for more information on this legislation.