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Harsdorf Statement on Budget Address
“Following the challenging budget and tough decisions we made last session, I am pleased that the current budget outlook provides us with opportunities to invest in our priorities as we work to maintain a sound financial position.  The Governor’s budget address put an emphasis on building on our successes by reducing the tax burden on middle-class families and focusing on economic development, education, and transportation.”
“There are a number of important provisions in the Governor’s budget that address our state’s skills gap, increase access to capital investment for start-up businesses, and expand mental health services.  Additionally, I appreciate the Governor’s action on enhanced DNA collection, an issue I have championed in the State Legislature.”
“As a member of the budget-writing committee, I look forward to learning the details of the Governor’s budget bill and listening to citizen input at the public hearings.  As the budget process moves forward, I will be working with my colleagues on the committee as we consider modifications to the budget bill and pass a budget that focuses on fiscal responsibility and putting people back to work.”