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Harsdorf Co-Sponsors Voter ID Bill

[Wisconsin State Capitol]  State Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls) announced today she will co-sponsor bipartisan legislation requiring Wisconsin voters to show photo identification at the polls.


“It is crucial that elections in this state are conducted with integrity and that voters have confidence in the process,” says Senator Harsdorf.  “This bill takes common-sense steps towards safeguarding our elections against fraud.”


The issue of requiring voters to show photo ID has gained increased attention in wake of several election fraud incidents around the state.


“Voter fraud negates honest votes and has the potential to impact the outcome of close elections,” says Harsdorf.  “That is why we must protect the constitutional right of citizens to have their voices heard in state and local elections.”   


Exemptions to the photo identification requirement are included in the bill for frail and homebound citizens and identification cards would be issued at no charge to those in financial need.  The bill additionally requires an individual to provide proof of residence when registering to vote, ending the ability of one voter to vouch for the official residence of another.


The voter ID bill was officially introduced today at the State Capitol.