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Harsdorf Bills on Domestic Violence Move Forward
​As the State Legislature wraps up its regular session, two bills relating to domestic violence issues that were authored by Senator Harsdorf received final approval by the Legislature this week.
Senate Bill 127 seeks to require a sentencing court to consider the presence of a child when an individual is convicted of domestic abuse. This issue was brought forward by Investigator Chuck Golden of the River Falls Police Department given the experiences of law enforcement in seeing firsthand the impact on children that witnessed domestic violence. The State Assembly passed Senate Bill 127 on a voice vote this week, after having been previously passed by the State Senate.
Assembly Bill 379 seeks to provide protection to victims of domestic abuse and stalking by allowing records of name changes to be made confidentially if an individual can show a court that they are in danger. Current law requires that individuals seeking a name change to publish a notice in the local newspaper. This legislation was passed by the State Senate on a voice vote on Tuesday, after passing the State Assembly last week.
Both bills will now go to the Governor for signing.