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Governor announces 'DNA at Arrest' to be included in budget
This week, the Governor toured the state with Attorney General JB Van Hollen to outline several of his public safety priorities in the upcoming budget.  I am pleased that the Governor and Attorney General have come out in strong support for enhancing our state’s DNA collection to include those arrested on felony charges.
I have been leading the effort to enact this law in Wisconsin, which is currently in place in over half the states and the federal government.  Enhanced DNA collection will save lives, save investigative costs and time, exonerate the innocent, and provide relief to victims and their families.
This proposal has been carefully drafted to respect the rights of those arrested as we provide law enforcement with the latest tools to fight violent crime. The United States Congress recently boosted enhanced DNA collection efforts by passing federal legislation providing grant funding to states for this purpose.  This bipartisan bill has been signed into law by the President.