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Getting Involved in State Government!
There are many ways for Wisconsinites to become involved in their state government with over two-hundred professional boards, commissions, councils and taskforces that seek citizen participation.  I encourage you to get involved by applying for open positions of interest to you. These boards, commissions, councils and taskforces allow state residents to be involved in policy making, advisory roles, and advocacy efforts.  They also provide a wide variety of topics for citizens to choose from ranging from the Council on Autism to the Board of Veterans Affairs. 
While it is often logistically challenging for individuals in our region of the state to participate in these boards and councils, it is vitally important that citizens from all parts of the state participate and bring the perspective of their area or region to the table.  I would encourage interested individuals from our area to check out the opportunities and help ensure geographic representation.  To see a full list of the available organizations, boards, and councils, please visit the Governor’s website here.