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Focus - Wisconsin Job Creation

There is a lot of commotion following the reforms this Legislature is pushing. Change does not come easy.  However, the reforms all focus on restoring our state’s fiscal health, avoiding massive job losses, and creating a jobs-friendly environment so middle class families can have opportunities to prosper. 


Already during this session, the Legislature passed a number of jobs bills that provide tax incentives for employers that create new jobs in Wisconsin.  Currently, Wisconsin ranks 48th among the states in its job-creation climate.


Here is a list of bills we have already passed this session to encourage the creation of private sector jobs in Wisconsin.  Most of these bills passed the State Senate with bi-partisan majorities.


  • Tax Deduction for Health Savings Accounts: Provides a tax deduction already available in 48 other states for individuals who have health savings accounts.  Senate vote: 21-12

  • Revamped Department of Commerce: This department had less than 20% of its employees dedicated to job creation and economic development. The revamped agency will make these goals its top priority.  Senate vote: 21-10

  • “Expand in Wisconsin” Tax Credit: Employers would be eligible for a tax credit if they bring new jobs to Wisconsin.  Senate vote: 24-9

  • New Jobs Tax Credit: New job creation will be encouraged with tax credits. Wisconsin will be an aggressive leader in rewarding job growth.  Senate vote: 25-8

  • Reforming Tort Law and Frivolous Lawsuits: Provides job creators with safeguards from frivolous lawsuits. Senate vote: 19-14


We are determined to make Wisconsin a job-friendly state that encourages growth. Already, Wisconsin has added 24,000 private sector jobs in 2011.

We have a long ways to go, but a sound budget and policies that reward job growth will help middle class families.  In November, the voters sent a clear message that the Legislature should make job creation a top priority.  As you can see, we have already made a good start and will continue to work hard to make Wisconsin a place where employers want to create jobs and put people back to work and get Wisconsin back on track.


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