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DOT warns drivers to watch out for winter weather
November may not be the official start of winter, but soon Wisconsin drivers will begin to experience winter weather.  Drivers will likely face ice, snow and limited visibility in the coming months as winter weather settles in for the rest of the season.  It is important that motorists remember to slow down as many crashes are caused by driving too fast for the conditions.   Drivers are also reminded to remove frost, snow and ice from their vehicle’s windows in order to improve visibility and safety.   The State Patrol also offers the following safety tips for winter weather driving:
·         Always wear your seatbelt, regardless of the distance. 
·         Watch for slippery bridge decks
·         Look farther ahead than you normally do.  Loss of traction and other actions by vehicles ahead of you will alert you sooner to upcoming slippery spots and other hazards
·         Brake early to account for longer stop times in adverse conditions
·         Do not pump anti-lock breaks, the correct braking method is to “stomp and steer”
·         Avoid cutting in front of large trucks
·         Leave plenty of room for snowplows.  By law, you must stay back at least 200 feet from the rear of a snowplow.