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DHS Warns Against Tick-borne Diseases
The warm spring weather we have seen this year will mean more deer or blacklegged tick activity which could start earlier due to the mild winter.  The Department of Health Services (DHS) is urging people to take precautions against tick bites when spending time outdoors.  Here are some tips to prevent bites:
·         Avoid wooded and bushy areas with high grass and leaf litter
·         Use effective tick repellents and apply according to label instructions
·         Wear clothes that will help shield you from ticks
·         Check your body frequently and remove any ticks promptly
·         Remove attached ticks slowly and gently, using a pair of thin-bladed tweezers
·         Protect your pets from tick bites by checking them before allowing them inside
Infected deer ticks can carry diseases such as Lyme disease.  It is important to treat tick-borne diseases early.  Please visit, for more information.