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Credit Card Skimmers in Wisconsin

Credit Card Theft is happening in Wisconsin, be aware! The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has been informed that credit card theft is occurring at gas stations. This theft occurs when credit card skimmers are installed onto gas pumps and steal individual’s credit card information. There are two types of skimmers: external and internal. External skimmers are false credit card readers that cover the actual reader. Internal readers are cables placed inside the gas pump that collect information between the card reader and main board. While actually pumping gas, skimmer fraud often goes unnoticed.

When pumping gas, consumers are encouraged to check for external skimmers by gently wiggling the credit card reader. The external readers can feel lose or even fall off. Also, inspect the gas pump for any indication of tampering: broken seals, tool marks, or loose card readers. The best way to combat possible skimmer theft is to closely check your monthly credit card bank statements for any fraudulent activity. If there is suspicious activity, immediately contact your bank and the gas station where the theft occurred.
For more information or to report possible fraud, call DATCP at 608-224-4942 or email at