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Clean Water Legislation Advances
Legislation that I have authored to aid municipalities in completing water infrastructure projects was approved this week by the State Senate.  Senate Bill 10 (SB 10) would bring Wisconsin state law in compliance with recent changes to federal law relating to the Clean Water Program and the Safe Drinking Water Program. 
SB 10 will enable 20 communities around the state to benefit from these programs this year by receiving up to $500,000 in assistance for local infrastructure projects.  Communities affected this year in our region include St. Croix Falls, Luck, and Webster.
Additionally, SB 10 provides the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with flexibility to fund innovative pilot project by removing current limitations on the types of projects the DNR can fund.  This will benefit communities by giving them the ability to put in place more cost-effective projects for meeting water quality standards.  This has the potential to save municipalities’ taxpayer dollars as they upgrade their waste water and drinking water systems.