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Caution! Be Aware and Informed of Scams
The benefits and convenience of technology continues to improve our quality of life and ease our everyday tasks.  However, it is important to take measures to secure your sensitive information and look out for potential scams when online or using a smartphone or tablet.  Scammers intentionally disguise phone, e-mail, and text messages to look like legitimate correspondence from your trusted banks, businesses, or even government agencies.  It seems as though every week there is another story about someone falling victim to identity theft, hacking, or other scams.
Using good sense and taking simple precautions can help keep your information secure and reduce the likelihood that you will become a victim.  One important resource is DATCP, Wisconsin’s consumer protection agency, which can be found online.  This site has a host of important resources to help you protect yourself, including tips for creating strong online passwords, safe social networking tips, what to do if you suspect you have received a scam solicitation, and ways to file a complaint with law enforcement.
DATCP regularly posts updated information on their Facebook page, to help consumers be aware of new scams.