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An Opportunity to be involved in State Government
Every two years, the Wisconsin State Legislature along with the Legislative Council, identifies complex issues concerning state law that would benefit from further study and consideration.  Topics are then taken up by Special Study Committees made up of legislators and citizens who are interested in the issue.
The Joint Legislative Council recently approved study topics and is looking for citizen members to serve on a handful of Special Study Committees.  The committee topics include adoption, courts using nontraditional adjudication methods, criminal penalties, tax incremental financing laws, and the Wisconsin Technical College System.  For a complete list of Special Study Committees and the scope of their study, please click hereIf you are interested in serving, please send a letter of interest and resume to Terry Anderson by May 1st in ordered to be considered.
Terry C. Anderson, Director
Wisconsin Legislative Council
PO Box 2536
Madison, WI  53701-2536
The Joint Legislative Council hopes to appoint members so the committees can begin meeting by June.  The Special Study Committees are to complete their assignment before December 31, 2014.  Legislative Council provides a brochure that explains public member service on a Special Study Committee, which is available online here.