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​In 2012, over 190,000 workers in the Milwaukee area worked “poverty-wage jobs.”  Many of these workers are over twenty years old, work full-time, and are trying to provide for their families.  Senator Harris, along with several of her colleagues, participated in a press conference today, calling for an increase in the minimum wage for Wisconsin’s working families.

“We are here today because many Wisconsin families will not be able to afford Thanksgiving dinner this year, as individuals working minimum-wage jobs do not even have enough money to cover their basic living expenses.” Senator Harris stated.  “Raising the minimum wage puts equity back into our labor force.  It improves the quality of life for hard-working individuals who work tirelessly to provide for their families.” 


Senator Harris will be participating in a telethon Wednesday at the Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee, to raise money to support working families and their children.  The Hunger Task Force provided nearly 800 dinners to families in need this Thanksgiving.  After today’s press conference, the legislators handed out turkeys to a group of minimum-wage workers in attendance.