Save our Jobs – Stop Trump’s Trade War

President Trump’s reckless decision to engage in a trade war with key allied nations is threatening the economic security of our state. His bully tactics that have resulted in unfair tariffs on Wisconsin-made products, such as cheese, cranberries, pork, ginseng and potatoes, are having a devastating impact on communities across our state. Governor Walker has refused to stand up for Wisconsin’s families, farmers and small businesses and has failed to reject the president’s actions.

We, the undersigned, call on Governor Walker to protect Wisconsin businesses and jobs by demanding President Trump end this trade war and reverse his bully tactics of tariff escalation and isolation.

Further, we call on President Trump to recognize that his irrational, dangerous, and poorly conceived policies are harming our workers, businesses, economy, reputation, and strategic interests. We demand he end this trade war immediately. Now more than ever, we need a stable, long-term plan to level the playing field and support Wisconsin families and businesses.